And Now for Something Completely Different

The last few posts on Accountability have been pretty serious. We’ll pick up the thread of Accountability at a later date. It’s time to lighten things up.

And now, for something completely different….


Update on “Toe the Line or Ride the Line?”
Many of you have linked from my post on Line Rider to try your hand at sledding. My 14 year old son and his friends have moved on to a site called Line Flyer. It allows you to ride the line on a motorcycle, a jeep, or a chair, as well as dozens of other “Line Rider-like” games. I still like the original.

Update on “Honoring the Chickadee”
Tom Woodward, who was featured in this post has moved to a new site called Bionic Teaching. He is an innovator and has some practical and creative ideas on his site. Check it out.

Non-Educational Web Site Worth Checking Out
If you want to see a beautiful web site that has definitely broken the mold check out Jeff Bridges home page. Yes, that’s Jeff Bridges the actor. I want to thank my artist friend Tom McKeveny for pointing me to this site.

2020 Vision
Informative video from the Fischbowl blog is a thought provoking and creative look at the graduation of today’s kindergartners in 2020.
Update on “Pulling the Thread”
In my very first post, I listed a number of Web 2.0 applications. If I had to narrow it down to the application that has had the most value for me it would have to be Flock . This is a wonderful web browser. In addition to being a browser, it also has a built in RSS aggregator and a simple blogging tool that allows you to publish to your blog site. Another great feature that comes standard is the connection to your account and your Flickr account . Once you configure Flock, it automatically logs you into the two other accounts. You can share you bookmarks and your photos easily. In fact, Flock gives you a toolbar that has your photos in it. It’s easy to drag and drop photos or images onto the Flock tool bar or from the toolbar to your document.


Update on “Adding Students to Your Tech Plan” and “Ed Tech Planning 1: Content Plan”
I will be publishing several new posts on Ed Tech Planning after a presentation on Long Island next week. All the tools and templates will be on the edtechjourneys wiki.


Finally, for something “really” completely different try the Silly Walks Generator.




3 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different

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  2. Your son and his friends moving on to try other games is a pretty common way for kids to explore their interests. It’s something to keep in mind as we start to hear a lot of new hype about games and learning. Exploring and finding games with your friends, moving between new finds and old favorites is all part of the excitement and fun of games. Creating educational games that students have to “play” won’t satisfy that urge to explore, experiment, conquer and move on.

  3. Sylvia,
    Excellent point. I think you observation deserves its own post. By the way, it’s interesting to watch them as they try to upload a skateboard video to YouTube. They have been trying for days. They aren’t reading any of the online help or going to forums to find out why they can’t do it. They are SO frustrated, that they are begging me to show them (teach them) how to do it. Now, how do we get our students so engaged in their projects that they “beg” us to teach them.

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