2006 Edublog Awards Nominee: Best Newcomer

I want to thank you all for being so supportive of Ed Tech Journeys. Josie Fraser notified me that Ed Tech Journeys is a finalist for the 2006 Edublog Award for Best Newcomer. I am excited and honored to be considered for this award. The readership of Ed Tech Journeys has grown phenominally since I began writing it a short time ago and this is just icing on the cake.

I want to congratulate all the other nominees in this category:
Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom
missterri’s podcast

You can read about the Edublog Awards and the nominated blogs at the Edublog Award site. Take time to vote for your favorite blogs.

I believe most of the challenges we face in educational technology are not technology issues; but human ones. Technology is relatively new in the context of education and there are very few roadmaps to guide us. It is my hope that Ed Tech Journeys can be a place where a light is shone on the path, so that all of us can find our way.

I have many plans for Ed Tech Journeys in the coming months and I am actively looking for someone who would be interested in doing some cartooning and sketching for the site. If you are interested, drop me a note.

Once again, I want to thank Josie and the Edublog folks for this honor.



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