2006 Edublog Awards Winner: Best Newcomer


Thanks to all of you who been so supportive of the startup of Ed Tech Journeys. I am honored and extremely excited about winning the 2006 Edublog Award for Best Newcomer. I am proud to share this award with Paz Pena, a talented blogger from Chile.

I thought long and hard before adding my voice to the very crowded world of educational blogs. The biggest question I had about commiting to educational blogging was whether or not I had anything meaningful to add to the conversation. I used Will Richardson’s blogroll as a a place to begin feeling into what was being written, to become familiar with the conversation, and to get to know the “neighborhood”.

It didn’t take long to see that there was a place where I could add my voice and make a contribution. What if we looked at the changes brought on by educational technology and educational transformation from a human point of view? It is here, in the human domain, that so many of our challenges lie. Ed Tech Journeys is my attempt to bring the power of the heart to our discourse. It is through using our hearts, as well as our minds that we will inspire educators in classrooms around the world, to step into their own greatness.

It is my hope that my voice, in concert with thousands of voices around the world, will help guide our individual journeys, for in them are the seeds of possibility.

I want to thank the many talented and trailblazing bloggers that have opened the way for newcomers like me. It is a testament to the new world we live in that by publishing and sharing our best with the world, we inspire and encourage virtual strangers to raise their voices and manifest their gifts.

In appreciation of educators everywhere I invoke the name of Mrs. Woodruff, my fifth grade teacher, who recognized my gift of writing and asked me to start a class newspaper. (mimeographed)

May every child, in every classroom, wherever they are in the world, have a teacher who sees their unique gifts, and who encourages those gifts to come forth.

in gratitude…



6 thoughts on “2006 Edublog Awards Winner: Best Newcomer

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  2. It is inspiring that writing such as yours which challenges our common sense and invites us to look for new approaches to serve our children has been recognized.

    Thank you for caring and devoting yourself to the change we all know is needed.

    Tom White

  3. Hey Pete!
    I hope you can understand my bad written english:
    It’s an inspiration to me to read your experience in this blog, and is a great honour to share this award with you.

    Regards from the south of the world,


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