The Journey

January 29, 2007

Dear Pete,

I am writing this on 1/24 in response to your blog, “Tagged: How Do You Write?”. While driving to work today my thoughts were on only myself, not work, not family, not stuff; but the beginning of a new chapter as I take back the life I partially put on the shelf.

This morning I read your blog of 1/24 and was drawn to the quote from Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Journey”. The last four lines spoke to me, so I searched for the complete poem on the Net. It spoke to me as I had spoken to myself only moments earlier on the Saw Mill Parkway.

Life sometimes is full of synchronicities and like “The Journey”, today on the Saw Mill, I clearly acknowledged what was so right for me (“one day you finally knew”), and (to paraphrase Oliver) knowing what to do, I stride into the world and am determined to do the only thing I can – determined to save the only life I can. So, I thank you for the gift of Ed Tech Journeys and of Oliver’s poem.

“The journeys of our lives are many,
I have taken quite a few,
Now with the light heart and clear vision,
I begin again anew.”
– by Ronnie DeSalvo

To your journey and mine, I wish us the fulfillment we seek.

I write this as my personal retirement announcement effective, April 14, 2007


Blessings on us all….but especially for those that surrender to the call of their own inner voice… those that leave the familiar behind to set out on their own journeys leading to places unknown.



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