Your List of Essential Skills – Meme

Doug Johnson poses and interesting question this week at the Blue Skunk Blog.

Imagine this. You have been granted the genie’s wish and can give your children or grandchildren ten skills with just the wave of a magic camel (or whatever). Would basic accounting stay on your list?”

Unfortunately, basic accounting did not make my Top Ten list.

Here they are:

Number 10…Gratitude.
May my children appreciate life and the world around them. The world is filled with boundless gifts and the more they appreciate these gifts, the more they will appreciate their most precious gift, themselves.

Number 9…Sense of Humor.
“Say no more, say no more, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.”

Number 8…Compassion.
May they overcome self-righteous judgments and choose to connect with the ‘better angels’ in others.

Number 7…Courage.
May they understand that courage isn’t being ‘fear free’; it’s being afraid, and doing the right thing anyway.

Number 6…Creativity.
May they feel the thrill of making something out of nothing and let the wild and intuitive energy that inspires them, flow within them, and through them.

Number 5…Listening.
May they truly listen to others; for they will be sought after by many.

Number 4…Curiosity.
May they question, explore, and discover. They will never be bored.

Number 3…Openness.
May they be open to others, to new ideas, and new possibilities.

Number 2…Presence.
May they understand the role of their bodies. Feet firmly grounded. Head reaching for the sky. Shoulders and chest opening to the future, and their backs, their histories; supporting them as they move through this great world. If you have ever been around someone with presence, you know its power.

Number 1…Integrity.
May they learn that living in integrity is a lifelong journey; for to live out our beliefs, our values, and our purpose, without rationalizing why we are cutting corners or compromising them, is no small task. Integrity is the foundation of all trust.

Can these be taught? I’ve learned much from spiritual teachers along the way. How did they teach? By traveling the path just a bit little in front of me…

…and helping light my way.

Thanks Doug.


3 thoughts on “Your List of Essential Skills – Meme

  1. Pete, your list reminds me of the qualities that teachers recently posted on my blog (though I asked for them to choose only 1 – not easy for some!)

    Presence seems overarching, the base. With presence, the others click into place so nicely.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer,

  2. I was reflecting on this meme and I realized, that as a parent, the skills I want for my children are very different than those being taught in k-12 today.



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