Students as Teachers

Laura is a great example of a student who has much to teach us. Her work is also a great example of the power of the Read/Write web. Laura is able to reach out to the world to put her heart into action and positively affect thousands of people. As educators it should be our common mission to see that more and more students AND adults, follow the path that Laura has so beautifully lit for us. – pete

“Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference” is authored by an 11-year-old girl named Laura (with the help of her mother). She is a fifth grade student who blogs in memory of her grandfather, who lost his battle with brain cancer. Laura began her blog on December 1st of 2007, doing simple good deeds and writing about them, hoping that she would inspire a handful of others to do the same during the 25 days before Christmas. She wound up with 18,000 visitors in one month, with dozens of people participating, and generated over 800 dollars in charitable donations in just three weeks. One classroom of winners won a web-conference with two NASA scientists, who donated their time when they saw Laura’s site. All of this has been incredibly shocking and rewarding beyond belief. Laura did not expect any of this to happen–she is very new to blogging, but loving every minute of it now.” – IZEA Blog

Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference

is a Service Project Dedicated to:

My Grandpa, Al Stockman

Albert Stockman was my grandpa. He loved helping other people, and he believed that everybody could make the world a better place, not just by doing big things, but by doing small things too! My grandpa once told me that I was a leader. Even though he called me “Lit-tle Laura”, he made me feel big and strong inside.

In 2005, my grandpa got very sick. He was only in his sixties, and he was very happy and healthy before then. I was sad and scared when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He died only five months later. I was very, very sad when he died, and I felt lonely. My grandpa would not have wanted this though.

In December of 2007, I decided that the best way to remember my grandpa during the holiday season would be by living my life like he did, by making a difference and being a leader. I decided to honor my grandfather’s memory by trying to make a difference every day for twenty five days. I wanted to be able to do little things, like kids my age typically do, instead of HUGE things that are sometimes hard for kids like me. I decided to write about my adventures here, and I also created a challenge.

I challenged everyone who read my blog to TRY to do something every single day during the holiday season to make a SMALL difference in his or her world. I explained that whoever made the “most difference” in December would win a $25.00 donation to the charity of his or her choice on Christmas night. I SAVED ALL OF MY ALLOWANCE ($25) FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER, AND I WAS REALLY SURPRISED AND EXCITED WHEN SEVERAL PEOPLE GENEROUSLY OFFERED TO MATCH MY DONATION (OR MORE)!

Roger Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher from Starpoint

Kristen and Carmen and Maddie Marchiole

Mrs. Genovese-Scullion and Billy

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Mrs. Nabozny

Dr. Sheila Cason

Laura Mayes

The Aroune Family

Dr. Alterio

Joanne from Western New York

Mark, Maggie, and Christopher Stockman

Kim Arthur

Christene Allen


Susan from Toddler Planet


I decided that I wanted to spend 2008 supporting smaller causes in my area that may not get as much attention or support as bigger ones do. I also wanted to pick causes that all of my readers could support as well, even if they lived very far away.

Each new challenge begins on the 1st of each month and ends on the 25th. My family and I use the last week of every month to get ready for the month ahead. I am raising funds for my chosen causes by recycling bottles that people donate to me. I am also doing a lot of service work as well all month long. I work closely with people from these organizations, and I get good ideas from them about how to help them best!

More than anything else, I want to YOU to participate.

The individual who makes the most difference for my chosen cause each month will win a $20 donation to ANY CHARITY of his or her own choice!

The classroom, school, group, or organization who makes the most difference for my chosen cause each month will also win a $20 donation to ANY CHARITY of their choosing!

Make sure that you leave a comment or email me so that I know you are participating! If you have a family-friendly blog or website, I will also link back to you so that you get some more visitors!

I hope that this will encourage everyone to make a small difference with me throughout the year!


6 thoughts on “Students as Teachers

  1. This is a great reminder that one step taken each day and the world will quickly be a different place….. All the great ideas and thoughtful opinions make no difference without this simple practice.


  2. Laura continues to demonstrate that kids can truly make a difference and be an inspiration to pther kids and adults alike. I look forward to hearing about the things Laura (and other kids she has influenced) will be doing in the future to make the world a better place.

  3. Thomas,
    You hit on it. Without a regular commitment to put our beliefs into practice, we drift along, with the illusion that our thoughtful opinions are making a difference. I find this at the heart of my own lapses of integrity.

  4. Mr. Reillly,

    Thank you for blogging about me.

    In one of your comments, you mentioned how it takes commitmit and dicipline to keep doing good things. That’s a really good point. If I didn’t know I had lots of readers, I probably wouldn’t do what has to get done every month.
    Blogging keeps me on track with trying to help others.

    Thank you for writing about me, I really appreciate it and feel honered.
    Laura @ 25 Days

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