Michael Pritchard

What are the chances that the kids in your school would stand up at an assembly and speak from their hearts about the pain that they are feeling? As educators, are we only interested in their minds? What place does the heart have in our profession?

Michael Pritchard is officially in my Educational Hero’s Hall of Fame. Check out this video to understand why.

I’m left with Michael’s last words on the video after a high school girl speaks about her father’s addiction:

The strength of character to get up, and to stand up for yourself and others… and to help others to be more compassionate; if we can tap into that resource for the world…this apathy, this neglect, this indifference is going to end…. and that’s the beginning of peace.

What kind of role models are we for our students? How well do we know our own hearts?

…and how do we share them?



8 thoughts on “Michael Pritchard

  1. What a meaningful video about student hurt and sharing from the heart. Michael Pritchard has a real gift to unlock the feelings of students buried deep inside.

    Part of the process in changing a negative school culture is to encourage reflection and empathy. Thanks.

  2. The idea that we are teaching kids to be dead from the neck down is an awful reality. I first realized this after reading The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis. Very interesting.

  3. Changing the negative school cultures we are all surrounded by is a difficult thing to manage. I feel the most important thing for students even in a negative culture is to feel that their teachers can be there support. We have to remember as educators that sometimes the only constant a student has is us showing up in class and being fair each and every day. When the students feel safe they will open up and hopefully become more reflective.

  4. Jason,
    Our profession is ruled by the “mind” but motivated by the “heart”.

    As you say, we completely dismiss anything from the neck down. Is it any wonder that so many people are searching for something meaningful, something ‘real’ in their lives?

    I’ll have to check out CS Lewis. thanks for the tip.


  5. This post left me encouraged and heartbroken at the same time. It is amazing how much hurt students are feeling today. Teachers need to be able to help their students academically as well as emotionally. Many students are hurting today, and sometimes the only person who is available to help them is their teacher. I have never heard of Michael Pritchard before, but through the video, I see him doing amazing things. It is people like him who are changing the world one student at a time.

  6. Holly,
    He is a model for all of us, both in and out of the classroom. He has the courage to turn into the emotions kids feel rather than turn away from them.

    As you point out, he is truly a hero who is changing the world by his actions.


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