Product of the Month

My ‘Product of the Month’ for October 2009 is the Internet browser called…


I’ve been using Flock for several years now and it has become my favorite browser. I like the fact that it is an ‘all-in-one’ Web 2.0 browser. You can configure Flock to login to your favorite Web 2.0 services. (See the image below)

flock 2.0 services

Flock has a built in RSS feed reader.

rss feed

By clicking on the Media Button you can drag photos directly to Flickr, PhotoBucket, and other web applications.

media bar

Below is an overview of a few of the other features that Flock offers including a blog editor that posts directly to your blogging platform.

flock features

Click on the Flock Star and create a Favorite. Click twice and your Favorite is automatically saved to your Delicious account.

flock star

Flock is available as a Free download.


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One thought on “Product of the Month

  1. Hi Pete! I used to use Flock and loved it. Somehow I moved off Flock back to IE 7 and as an alternate, Firefox.
    Not sure why since Flock interconnected with all the cool stuff you mentioned!

    Now we have Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Flock, and.. ???
    Hard to determine which to use when.

    Have you also been using I love that “cloud” site for working with my Flickr pictures. It can be used independently.. or within Flickr as an editor. Such tools make life much easier for K-12 teachers!

    Thanks for reminding me of Flock’s strengths!

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