whispers from your inner teacher

The classroom is a challenging place, and it’s easy to find yourself discouraged, overwhelmed, and stressed out. You might even think about tossing in the towel now and then. There’s got to be something easier.

Sometimes all you need to do to make things better is listen to your own voice; the one that’s always there, patiently sharing its wisdom with you. I’ll send you an occasional whisper so that you spend less time frustrated and stressed; and more time teaching from the heart, loving life, and changing the world.

Whispers are free, inspirational reminders from your inner teacher to keep you moving forward.

You have a purpose. You have a special gift. You are necessary, and your work is important. The world, and your students, need that one gift that you have.

I know you’re ready. All the wisdom you need is within you. Choose to listen.

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