Difficult Students Often Need Us the Most

imagesSometimes the students who need us the most are the hardest to love. They seem to be at war with themselves and do everything they can to push us away. Their behavior is clearly self-destructive. Unfortunately, there are no simple solutions for breaking down the walls that some students build around themselves. Even so, it helps that to remember that there is something golden inside every student.

slaves-awakening-young-760x628Michelangelo is noted for having remarked that inside every block of stone dwells a beautiful statue and the sculptor need only remove the excess material to reveal the work of art within. Our challenge – a difficult one – is to be centered, present, and compassionate enough to recognize the beautiful work of art that is waiting to be discovered in each and every one of our students. Are we centered, present, and compassionate enough to work with the excess material that hides it?

From my book, “A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery

**Above: Michelangelo’s  “The Prisoners” Courtesy of the Academia, Florence, Italy.



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