A Reminder for the New School Year

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.03.37 AM

As we prepare for a new school year it’s good to remind ourselves of the tremendous power that is imbued in us and our role as ‘teacher’. We should never take what we do for granted.

I’m reposting the concluding paragraph from the story “The Power of the Spider” which is included in my book, “A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery.” 

As educators we take so much of our power for granted. For the most part, our influence ripples through the world and over the generations silently, unnoticed. Our lessons are seeds. They are blown on breezes far and wide. They are carried by lively streams to rivers and oceans where currents move them to lands we may never see. Whether these seeds germinate in distant lands or close to home, whether they grow immediately or wait for decades, our gift is nestled in the hearts of our students.

Remember the power of the spider. From lips to lips, from heart to heart; the gifts we bestow, the lessons we teach, ripple through time and place.


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