Preparation for the New School Year

Summer is almost over. The excitement and anticipation of a new school year is upon us. Many of us will head into school before the first day to spend time prepping our classrooms, bulletin boards, as well as meeting and planning with colleagues. But it’s also a great time for preparing our ‘self’ for the coming year by investing a little time in self-reflection before we’re inundated with students and the day to day responsibilities of the new year.

Just take a moment and a few conscious breaths to get out of the busy-ness of your mind, and when your heart opens ask yourself these questions:

This year what do I need to learn love next? and next? and next?

What want to be born in and through me?

What practices do I need to keep my heart open, present to my students, and connected to the things I care about?

You can also look back over the past year and ask yourself:

“What is it that I learned this year?”

“If I boiled my experiences down to the one or two things that had the greatest impact for me; what were they; and what did they teach me?”

“What was the biggest risk I took this year?”

“Did I use my own unique gifts this year?” “Could I have used them even more?”

“Did I make time for the human side of kids?”

“Did I make time to quiet myself and listen to the wisdom of my own inner voice?”

“Was I happy this year?”

I encourage you to explore these and other questions that only you know to ask. To be a great teacher; one must be a great learner. The beauty of summer is a gift. It’s a chance for us to be present to our own inner knowing, to reflect, to renew; and most importantly, to learn.

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