Inside Quest with Keith Ferrazzi

I just had to post this interview with Keith Ferrazzi that aired on Inside Quest. He believes, as I do, that changing our behavior is a matter of a commitment to small, what he calls, “high return practices.” If we want to be better leaders, or better teachers, it’s not a matter of what we know intellectually but a matter of practice.

He also talks about being “porous” or open to the people and opportunities around us, cites research from the Gallup organization that shows relationships, friendship, connectivity, and support are the lynch pins of high performing employees and teams, advocates for self-awareness via soliciting the assessments of others (What should I do more of? What should I do less of?) and looks at committing to practices to build our strengths and discard our weaknesses as fundamental elements of leadership.

There’s more…much more, and most of it correlates with the work I’m doing with educators. When I run into someone of Keith’s caliber who endorses (indirectly) the approach that has helped me grow, and is the approach I use with others, it’s very exciting. This is a guy I’d love to work for.


Be patient and hang in there until the end. It’s a great interview.


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