You Are The Living Curriculum

You, the teacher, are the “living curricululm”. Whether consciously or unconsciously the students in your classroom are watching you and learning about themselves through you. This unspoken informal curriculum is one of the most powerful forces in our educational system. Reflect on this concept for a moment. What are you teaching them?


“Are you an example of the excitement of learning because you are jazzed about what you yourself are learning?”

“Are you embodying the concept that risk taking is a necessary part of learning as you take some of your own risks with them?”

“Are you demonstrating that answers are most exciting when you find them for yourself, by refraining from providing all the answers; and finding some of your own?”

“Are you showing them that human beings, their problems, their issues, and their needs always come first; by putting their needs first?”

“Are you showing them that each of them has unique gifts which they should put to use by putting your own gifts to use?”


You teach all this and more without a lecture or a sermon. In fact, you do it almost solely with your actions, by being who you are. In the lives of students so much textbook content is forgotten; but the lessons that stay with them are the unspoken ones that come directly from you, the teacher, the “living curriculum”.


4 thoughts on “You Are The Living Curriculum

  1. Thank you, thank you , thank you! It is so true. I have printed out your questions (and added a few of my own) for serious reflection on this week. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Great stuff. You’d probably love Parker J. Palmer’s book, “The Courage to Teach”, in which he talks about teaching from a heart of love, and that ‘we teach who we are’. I was recommended it by a colleague recently, and reckon it’s one of the most profound books on teaching that I’ve ever read.

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